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Join Tron or Ethereum for Forsage?

We compare the two currencies to see which is better for Forsage.


When it comes to becoming a Forsage participant, you have two choices on which currency you can use. The options are Tron (trx) & Ethereum (eth). Both projects support the use of smart contracts, which is essentially code that can be executed on the network to carry out tasks that would normally require a third party. You could technically join both, but it wouldn't be an economically wise decision (unless you're a great promoter). 

The Case for using Tron

If you're looking for affordable start-up costs, Tron is the way to go. To get started with Tron requires less than $4 (USD), while Ethereum is currently $50+ (gas fees not included). Tron's network is also confirming transactions at a faster rate. 

Why Ethereum?

Joining Forsage by way of Ethereum has way more upside compared to Tron. The higher participant fees allow for the income potential to be exponentially higher than that of Tron. However, I believe the largest factor in why we prefer Ethereum is because of the asset itself. Ethereum has a larger developer network and many more use cases than Tron, so the currency is used way more often in the real world. What are the implications? As the asset is purchased, used, and held (long-term) as a speculative asset, the price will increase due to scarcity (like stocks). 

Are you a member?

If not, get started by visiting:

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